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Tehran University School of Dentistry Class of 1969
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A brief history of Tehran University School of Dentistry


Before the advent of formal dental education in Iran dentistry like extraction of teeth, making crowns and relieving tooth ache were being handled by hair dressers, jewelers, grocers and perfumers (attar).


Early dental education started by pioneers like Dr. Milcharski and Dr. Sayyah in 1297 (Hejri Shamsi). Dr. Sayyah finished his education in Europe and after his return with the help of some of his colleagues like Dr. Milcharski, Dr. Shtomp, and Dr. Estepanian who were treating patients in the royal family started the first school of denturist in a building with 2 rooms and a basement. Their equipment was comprised of a few wooden chairs and tables and manual units. Dr Ashoot Haratoonian and Dr. Shahryar Salamat must be also remembered as the early dental educators.

The formal education as we know it started in 1313 (Hejri Shamsi). Dr Sayyah was the dean and Dr. Lak was in charge of the clinical teaching in a 5 years dental program. The first four years of education was dedicated to the theoretical courses and clinical training and the last year was spent on a research project and writing a thesis.


Nowadays the dental school is part of the Tehran Medical Sciences University and the faculty members have been trained in various specialties either in Iran or abroad.


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